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Pet Dental in Stockton

Call 209-951-8911 now and ask about our Dental Package. 

Our packages include:

  • Pre-anesthetic physical exam
  • IV catheter and iv fluids
  • Pain medications
  • Anesthesia (with monitoring)
  • Dental x-rays
  • Dental cleaning/polishing
  • Hospitalization (drop off and pick up)
  • Antibiotic injection

Call 209-951-8911

Did you know that pets need to have their teeth taken care of just like us? Pets can get impacted or fractured teeth, masses in their mouth, and other dental diseases.

At Bear Creek Veterinary Hospital, we stress the importance of oral health! 

Periodontal (gum) disease is one of the most common disease affecting our pets. Periodontal disease is caused by bacteria that build up overtime on the teeth, leading to hardened tartar (calculus). The bacteria causes inflammation and infection of the surrounding gum tissues (gingivitis). In the early stages, gingivitis can be reversed if we treat it properly. Treatment at this time will save your pet from pain and teeth extractions in the future! If left to progress, the inflammation and infection will spread to the jawbone where there is permanent damage (periodontitis), leading to pain and discomfort. Bacteria in the mouth can enter the bloodstream and affect other organs in the body like the heart, kidney, and liver. The American Veterinary Dental College is a great resource for more extensive information.

At Bear Creek Veterinary Hospital, all our of dental procedures involve a Complete Oral Health Assessment and Treatment (COHAT). We will thoroughly evaluate the mouth, take full-mouth dental x-rays, and properly clean the teeth above and below the gumline under general anesthesia. If there is indication to extract teeth based on the exam and x-rays, we perform nerve blocks and administer pain medications to keep your pet 

Since at home oral health prevention is critical to prevent periodontal disease, we have a variety of methods and are more than happy to find a plan that works best for your family.   

Please contact us today at (209) 951-8911 for a consultation for your pet's needs.

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I absolutely cannot say enough good about this place and Dr. Singh. He COMPLETELY restored my faith in vets, and has gone above and WAY beyond what any other veterinarian I have ever dealt with . A very kind and compassionate man.

- A Google User / Stockton, CA

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Meet The Doctor

Meet The Team "Dr. Gurpreet Singh - Dr. Gurpreet Singh is one of the Associate Veterinarians at Bear Creek Veterinary Hospital. He studied veterinary medicine and graduated from Punjab Agricultural University, India.  Read More



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