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Pet Poisons 

If you think your pet has been poisoned, DO NOT WAIT. We are an emergency pet clinic. Call Bear Creek Animal Hospital now! 209-951-8911

At Bear Creek Animal Hospital in Stockton ,CA, we handle cases of pet poisoning on a regular basis. While we're proud to serve the pet community, we're always striving to educate pet owners in the area about the dangers of pet toxins. Many common household items are poisonous for our animal friends. It's our hope that we can help reduce cases of pet poisoning by teaching pet owners which household items pose a danger for pets, and what can be done about this problem.

Common Pet Poisons 

The following household items are toxic to pets like cats and dogs:

  •     Cleaning products. Many cleaning products are toxic for pets if ingested. We recommend keeping cleaning products securely stowed in cabinets that cannot be easily accessed by pets.
  •     Medications. Prescription medications are toxic. To avoid problems, pet owners must keep their medications in child-proof containers. Never leave your medication loose on your nightstand or on the counter in your bathroom.
  •     Antifreeze. Antifreeze is a known pet poison, and unfortunately, it's also very tasty for dogs and cats. If you must keep antifreeze on hand, keep it up out of the way of your pet and take care to mop up antifreeze spills immediately.
  •     Chocolate and caffeine. These products are very bad for your pet and most people are actually unaware of this. Chocolate and caffeine can make pets ill, and enough of these products can even be deadly. Never leave chocolate or caffeinated foods and drinks in a location where your pet can reach them. If you have small children, make sure your kids know never to feed chocolate treats to your pet. In fact, if you have small children, you may want to establish a rule that your child cannot feed your pet any human foods at all. This is a good way to keep your pet safe.

Contact Bear Creek Animal Hospital for Help in a Pet Emergency

At Bear Creek Animal Hospital, we're firmly committed to your pet's health and safety. Call us today at 209-951-8911 for more information.

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